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"A rich, rollicking story about a plucky mouse with a dream."

~ Marlene M.


Written by Candace Hartzler, Theopatra More Than Just A Mouse is a delightful book sure to be a classic. Theopatra is a ram-bunk-shus mouse with a love for learning who befriends an owl named Harless. But uh-oh, don't owls EAT mice? Theopatra defies all odds. She works bravely through her fears and tears and becomes Harless's biggest support while becoming her best ballerina self. Together they learn about courage and trust. Whimsically illustrated in bright watercolors by Amanda Ingwersen, the characters will capture the hearts of children and adults alike


Candace Hartzler

Candace Hartzler is a semi-retired counselor who lives in the city on an acre of land chock-full of tall trees, herbs, flowers, small furry critters and feathered friends. Her favorite people are little ones who don't judge those who are different from them, and those who believe deeply in the possibilities of the human spirit. Her favorite words: "Of course you should try!”


A great addition to your library!

"Adorable Theopatra will brighten your day and reignite your magic…you will be excited to share this little treasure with all the children in your life."

Not just a book; a magical book!

"I loved this book! It's so wonderfully written with lovely messages for all ages!"

What a charming and delightful book for children and adults!

"... A fun book to read with good lessons for both children and adults!"
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